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investormoneyParkLogic has packed nearly a decade of experience in domain optimisation ParkLogic to develop from the ground up the worlds most advanced domain monetisation platform. To celebrate this achievement the new ParkLogic website featuring Next is now available for here!

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investortoolsNext leverages the benefits of "Big Data" to extract the maximum amount of value from domain traffic. View case studies and tesimonials from some of the worlds most prominent domain investors.
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Michael Gilmour
Michael Gilmour
"Over the last few years we've been listening to our customers and built the most sophisticated domain management platform currently available."

Why you should join

bullet Increase your domain revenue.

bullet Regarded as the most sophisticated domain management system available.

bullet Suite of powerful professional investors tools and over 20 reports.

bullet Benchmark your portfolio against an industry index.

bullet Manage domain renewals from a set of business rules.

bullet Complete end-to-end standardised metrics.

bullet Built on SalesForce technology used by Fortune 500.

bullet Transparent payment structure - you know what we get paid!

bullet Download the ParkLogic PDF brochure.


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salesforce parklogic case study
Read about how ParkLogic is using as our client interface. ParkLogic chose the SalesForce platform as it's what the Fortune 500 use as their system of choice due to its scalability, robustness and high level of security. All these issues are critical to the professional domain owner in the management of their assets. more1